Dark Suns – “Grave Human Genuine”

Dark Suns - “Grave Human Genuine”You can find a Spanish version of this review in Friedhof Magazine, an extreme metal magazine. It’s thanks to them that I got it, and they are kind enough to let me republish this on my personal site.

Dark Suns – “Grave Human Genuine”
Prophecy Productions

Progressive Dark Metal
Release: 22/Feb/2008 Germany, 25/Feb/2008 Rest of the world.

The worst you could say about Dark Suns is this. The first and possibly wrong impression that hits on the first listening of “Grave Human Genuine” is that Dark Suns want to be the german Opeth. That could do as a review and I’d be done.
But I feel the neet to add that this album will be very enjoyable for those of the progressive metal crowd that like it deep and dark. Elaborate, beautiful melodies that don’t sound baroque. Bass and drums much more than correct, on their rightful place as support for an ample cast: from skillfully executed metal riffs to atmospheric piano segments. Maybe my ear is not educated enough to appreciate the complexity of the progressions, and rythm shifts of some of the tracks, but they are there, no doubt. Clear voices make a debut, their previous albums featuring quite rougher vocals.
“Grave Human Genuine” is, from the p.o.v. of someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy this genre, an interesting piece. Eight tracks (plus bonus!) that don’t sound tiring even for a second of their 58 minutes of excellent production. Well balanced, it starts pounding with “Stampede”, the track that makes you think someone’s serigraphed Dark Suns on a Opeth compact. Then it relaxes for a bit and works up again through the end of “The Chameleon Defect”, the most frenzied moment of the album. It lets some steam out then, so you can enjoy the vocal work on “Free of you” and “Papillon”, which closes the job.