Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 1)

Summer Glau en Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Just for having Summer Glau acting as a Terminator bodyguard, I knew the show would be worth watching. It’s been, if only for the episode on which she does ballet. As a bonus, the overall plot in the series makes it marginally more interesting, just enough to grant it a few minutes of brainpower to write this.

First things first, if you were a teenager through the 90s, you are legally bound to have had at least a dozen discussions about time travel, paradoxes, and the many holes the movies had. Now you’re older, your nerdiness has receded and you feel forgiving about that kind of thing. That’s fine. But even if you’re ready for it, be warned. The series has suffered, severely, the pains of the Writers Guild strike. To the point that some CRITICAL character interactions are only shown in the summary of the beginning of each episode.

You’ve heard it right. Maybe if you see the episodes as they are aired, week after week, you won’t notice. But if hoard them to be seen in batches, you will be astounded. One episode ends, and as you are watching that ‘Previously, in Sarah Connor Chronicles…’ segment, you see a quick flash of two characters meeting or exchanging some crucial information. This quick flash ends being pivotal for the episode. And leaves you thinking if you somehow missed it, and something more. So you see the previous ep again and find no trace of the scene.

Yup. That’s awesome, right?. And it happens more than once!. I think it’s there to create suspense, given that the show won’t do that on its own.

Because I’m afraid that what’s happened it’s that the show has been heavily edited to fix into some last-hour reescheduling. Fear that confirms on one of the last episodes, where the characters decide, out of the blue, that blowing up the City Hall will make their lives better. You think: “crap”, but then you are treated to a few shots of Glau just staying there, with a blank stare on her beautiful face, and then saying something or beating some other terminator’s ass. And you forgive.

Veredict: high nerd factor. Could’ve been much more interesting, but I think they ruined it. Of course, I can’t help and will be seeing the second season if they renew. You already knew that.