Mechanical moth – The Unseen

dancing with the shadow mind
vanish in forgotten sin
leaving all your sense behind
and i carry thee to the unseen

hunt me as long as you can
along roads of drying tears
you’ll lose yourself
beware the shadows
of the unseen

beaten like crop in storm
i will always revive
to my neverending fall
beware the shadows
of the unseen

walk with me
the way of fading hearts
taste my sweet agony
whisper, whisper, my dear
to the shadows
of the unseen

follow the fire into dark
expect no help from me
you’ve chosen your way
to the shadows
of the unseen

Unas cuantas horas escuchando la canción y al final una búsqueda en google para entender alguna parte complicadilla (mejor dicho, todo lo que no es estribillo) para tener el único sitio de la intarweb que tiene estas letras en formato indexable por un buscador, y no en un horrendo flash, como en la página oficial.

Mañana terminan mis primeras vacaciones pagadas. Vuelta al curro. Sigh :(

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  1. it’s not that i dislike them. i just find them to be terribly unusable. on the other hand, if somebody googled some of your lyrics, he couldn’t find you. anyway, i look forward to hear Torment and hope to see you live over here some time :)

  2. We´ll see :)

    I recognized the problem with the lyrics. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe I put the Database in before TSM will be released.
    Give me a month or two. We are very studiobusy at the moment.

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