Like an Englishman in Valladolid…

First things first. Excuse the awful pun on the title of this post. Sting would be turning on his grave if he were dead. Someone will be punished for this. Now go on.

As of lately, I’ve been thinking of writing some of my posts in English, just for a change. Maybe I’m just jaded, but it seems to me that the Spanish-speaking blogosphere and blogging itself is getting a bit boring, and I find it’s quite self-limiting to write in just one language when you’re doing it for the biggest audience in history.

In a deeper, more personal level, I’ve found myself out of words when trying to write some of my last texts. Sometimes, the wording of a paragraph in Spanish doesn’t quite convey what I really try to tell, while I have just a couple of sentences in my mind that would do a much better job of carrying that meaning, the only problem being that they’re in another language.

I also hope this helps to relief the crippling brain-rot that I’ve been suffering for some time now. I don’t want to be remembered as the youngest case of Alzheimer’s disease.

So, what will come out of all this? The irregular posting schedule that has come to be a trademark of this blog will continue unchanged. Just now, you’ll find some posts in English, some in Spanish, some will contain a horrible mixture of both , and some will come in pairs, for those among my readers that are not bilingual. Expect heavy use of passive voice on the English ones (at least until I can have the English-writing cogs of my brain running again) and feel free to point out any fuck-ups I make on the comments section. Bilingual adaptation of the interface elements will come, sooner or later.

Or maybe not. Nevermind.

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