Beyond The Void – “Gloom is a trip for two”

Beyond The Void – “Gloom is a trip for two”
Endzeit Elegies/Avasonic/Rough trade
Dark Rock / Gothic Metal

Somehow, when I received the promo kit for this album, I thought it would be difficult to extract a solid review. But having been through it a bunch of times, I’ve been quite convinced that “Gloom is a trip for two” is the album that could throw Beyond The Void into international fame.

What looks like a record extracted from the same place as HIM’s, hides the talent of 5 musicians and a vocalist that know very well how to do their job. Their job being a Gothic Metal / Dark Rock that can perfectly stand side by side with some established bands like The 69 Eyes or the already mentioned HIM. I could put them alongside Moonspell, too, if only for the great similarity between the voices of Daniel Pharos –Beyond The Void‘s singer- and the portuguese Fernando Ribeiro, or just for the sound of the most-metal segments of “Gloom…”.

On the tough side, I must say that nobody should expect the “chosen” album that will define and push the genre for the next years. Composition and technique of the band are fairly correct and don’t get to shine in any moment. Tracks are quite varied, going from the energy of the opening “Her dive into midnight” to the mellow ballad which is “Nihilism”, or from the metal riffs of “Cyanid eyes” to the prevailing keyboards of “A minute before dawn”, the closing one. “Seductora” and “Gloom is a trip for two” are, maybe, the most worked-on songs, and both have the smell of successful singles.

Concluding, Beyond the Void‘s third work is a great one, adecuate and recommended. It’s one of those albums that you like more the more times you listen to it, but not enough to be your favorite one. Let’s give it a high 7 and move on.